about vert

Helix Design Group was established in 1994, with a single employee. In the ensuing years, the firm has grown and prospered, and provides high quality services in architecture, interior design and graphic design from a staff that averages 20-25.

We were founded on the basic principles that in order to succeed, a design firm must recognize the equal importance of its Clients and its employees - one cannot have one without the other. Adhering to this belief, we have developed an exceptional client-base, serviced by an equally exceptional staff. We seek to turn our Clients’ dreams into reality with creativity, imagination and technical skill, but we also act as catalysts to stimulate the Clients’ own imagination, and ultimately deliver designs of superior quality and cost-effectiveness. In order to do this, our staff must be given the opportunity to grow and to prosper along with the freedom to use their talents and realize their potentials to the fullest.

We do not attempt to be “everything to everybody,” although we do believe in diversity. Instead, we pick our target markets carefully and do our level best to develop and service those markets. As a result, we have been very successful over the years, and have weathered the many fluctuations in the local, regional and national economies better than most.

We are not proponents of any particular design style, but we do favor timelessness over transient trends and fads. Our ambition is to create designs of lasting appeal and quality, and facilities that are sources of pride to owner and designer alike, throughout their functional lives.