Building 3063 Hangar Renovation

Date: 3/28/17

Gray Army Airfield’s helicopter maintenance hangar was constructed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in the 1950s.  The historic Hangar had severely deteriorated over the years and was in need of modernization and renovation. To extend the life of the facility for another 50 years, the design included: replacement of the exterior envelope, restoration of the hangar bay retractable doors, upgraded HVAC and lighting systems, improved communications systems, and the addition of anti-terrorism protection.

This facility is expecting to have energy savings that will exceed 30% over ASHRAE 90.1 baseline standard.  Efficient upgrades include: LED light fixtures throughout the facility and new HVAC systems replacing the old hot water radiators. Additionally, new energy efficient exterior glazing was installed, maintaining the appearance of the historic steel windows by incorporating exterior divided grids.  Due to close proximity to security boundary, extensive structural upgrades were required to reinforce exterior walls for blast resistance. Standing seam metal roofing replaced the existing built-up asphalt roofing.

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