Port Orchard Car Wash (Sudstar) + Café Elite

Sudstar Car Wash, located in Port Orchard, utilizes deep, bold colors at the entry and exit of the car wash, giving the building character and setting it apart from the competition. The site was designed to increase the traffic flow of vehicles. Vacuum stations and a coffee stand (Café Elite) were incorporated into the site design for customer convenience. The use of CMU construction with a PVC tunnel liner allows for low maintenance surfaces at a reasonable cost. Expanses of glass allow for natural light and create a dynamic view from the street and within the tunnel as you wait.

A storm vault was added under the vacuum stations area, which allows water to drain into the soil under the site to minimize impacts on the surrounding municipal stormwater systems. The car wash efficiently reclaims around 85% of the water used and recirculates it back into the car washing process, minimizing water use and sanitary sewer flow.

Our graphics department also created the logo and brand standards for the Sudstar Company.

Port Orchard, Washington
Architecture, Graphic Design
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